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Thursday, December 01, 2005

More good news

Three sobering points from Michael Hopkin in this week's Nature...

- The North Atlantic is losing its ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This means that future emissions are more likely to cause global warming, said researchers at a meeting of the European CARBOOCEAN project in Amsterdam.
- The carbon dioxide that does dissolve in the ocean makes it more acidic, threatening to corrode the calcareous exoskeletons of animals such as corals, attendees told the meeting. The Atlantic soaks up some 25% of all carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.
- The system of currents that includes the Gulf Stream — which warms the temperate regions of Europe — is weakening. Research suggests its flow has reduced by a third since 1957. This weakening is evident not in the Gulf Stream itself (the fictional failure of which was dramatized in the film The Day After Tomorrow), but in the movement of cold, deep waters.

Not sure what to say about this really...the evidence just keeps on mounting and the predicted effects and speed of change keep on increasing. I guess at some point there will be a media frenzy and then we might actually start doing something! Any ideas for how to initiate said media frenzy would be much appreciated.


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