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Friday, December 16, 2005

Hottest year for Northern Hemisphere

2005 is looking like it will be the warmest (0.65°C above the 1961-1990 average for northern hemisphere) year in recorded history for the Northern hemisphere. In terms of global temperature it is heading for the top 5. The ten hottest years in recorded history have all occurred in the last 11 years.

10 hottest years on the globe (in °C above global average for 1961-1990):

1. 1998  +0.54°C
2. 2002  +0.50°C
3. 2003  +0.49°C
4. 2005  +0.48°C
5. 2004  +0.44°C
6. 2001  +0.40°C
7. 1997  +0.39°C
8. 1995  +0.38°C
9. 1999  +0.30°C
10. 2000  +0.30°C

(source Hadley Centre, UK Met Office) [2005 is provisional]


  • At 7:51 PM, Anonymous pohanginapete said…

    Can't vouch for its veracity, but I heard on National Radio this morning that the hottest year, 1998, was an El Ninõ year, thus boosting mean temperature; conversely, 2005 wasn't an El Ninõ year.

    Anyone naysaying global warming might have reconsidered if they'd been here in the Pohangina Valley today... ;^)


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