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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Rod Donald has died, cause unknown

Rod Donald, co-leader of the NZ Green Party, died suddenly early on Sunday morning at the age of 48. This is a terrible blow to the Green party and a tragedy to those that knew him. Most surprising is that a heart attack has been ruled out as the cause, although I don't know what else suddenly kills apparently fit and vital 48 year olds.

According to a story in the NZ Herald Rod Donald was a well-known and well-respected figure world-wide in the green movement, and it appears that he also was very well-regarded by his fellow NZ parliamentarians of all parties, as a great number of them plan to attend his funeral on Thursday.

The green party blog, Frog blog has a link to the Tom Scott cartoon about Rod that summarizes him as a Pragmatic Idealist, a Friend of the Planet and a Good Man. He has undoubtedly inspired many people to follow in his footsteps, as the condolence book on Frog blog, with hundreds of entries, is a testament to.


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