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Monday, October 31, 2005

Blair calls for global response to climate change

Tony Blair is a hard man to pigeon-hole. For all his foibles he does seem to have his eye firmly on the ball when it comes to and . His commentary in the Observer is full of completely sensible facts. Yes, the Kyoto Protocol is a step in the right direction, and No it is certainly nowhere near enough. And Yes, the United States and China and India and Brazil have to be included in any sensible long term strategy because it is a global human-population-driven problem. And Yes, urgency is required. Unbelievably sensible. How refreshing. But will anything actually get done? My worry is, will Dubya sign up to anything that admits greenhouse-gas-induced climate change is a serious reality that must be curbed immediately? We actually have to seriously reduce our emissions, not just make our exploitation of the planet's resources more efficient, as Bush seems to think is enough.


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